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E-commerce pioneer in Chine for electronic components distribution. 2019 Outstanding E-commerce Distributors - “Winner”




RightIC Electronics has won the agency right of Advanced Energy.



RightIC Electronics has obtained the agency rights of Advanced Energy and will fully represent its full line of products.



RightIC Electronics participated in Shenzhen International                              Semiconductor Exhibition.




From June 14 to June 16, 2019, RightIC Electronics, with the subject of "Connects Manufacturers with End Users, Electronic component E-Commerce B2B Platform, jointly launched nine manufacturers at the Shenzhen International Semiconductor Exhibition in 2019.



RightIC Electronics sign a contract with Central Semiconductor to expand the Chinese market together.



Central Semi, the world's top discrete semiconductor manufacturer, is with RightIC Electronics hand in hand, a leading distributor of electronic components of Chine, and authorized RightIC Electronics to act as its agent in China.




Congratulations to RightIC Electronics for taking UIY’s attorney ship   2019-06-12


UIY Inc. is an integrated enterprise, which includes research, production, marketing and service for the civilian and military microwave communications device. The frequency range from 300 KHz to 110 GHz and average power up to 20 KW, its products are widely used in civil, military, aerospace, space technology and other fields.




RightIC Electronics once again won the Annual Outstanding E-commerce Distributor Award in Double Summits.                                                     



2018.11.09, Global CEO Summit and Global Distribution & Supply Chain Summits organized by ASPENCORE was held in shenzhen. RightIC Electronics once again won the Annual Outstanding E-commerce Distributor Award in this Double Summits.





RightIC Electronics and Chengdu Dbwave reached an alliance dedicated to exploring home and abroad Markets                                                         






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